Regional Economic Development Grants

 Whalebone Brewery    

Applications for Round 5 of RED Grant funding are CLOSED.
Applications for Round 6 will open in 2023. Date to be confirmed. 

The Regional Economic Development Grants (RED Grants) program is a $45.8 million over eight years (2018-19 to 2025-26) State Government initiative that invests in local projects to stimulate economic growth and development in regional Western Australia. 

Delivered locally by the State's nine Regional Development Commissions, up to $250,000 is available for individual projects that contribute to increasing or sustaining jobs, expanding or diversifying industry, developing skills or capability, increasing business productivity and attracting new investment to the regions.

The grants will boost investment in local regional projects that contribute to population and economic growth initiatives and innovation pilots, and importantly, are driven by the community.

The RED Grants for the Gascoyne are delivered by the Gascoyne Development Commission with support from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD).

For more information regarding RED Grants in the Gascoyne, please contact Courtney Whitehead on 9949 2090 or 0467 905 262.

The following documents will assist with your application.


Applications are assessed on a competitive basis within the region, alignment with the Gascoyne Development Commission's regional priorities and/or demonstration of an economic diversification and employment growth outcome:

  • Growing primary production
  • Aboriginal economic development
  • Tourism
  • Workforce development and accommodation
  • Vibrant communities and innovation

Previous funding rounds

RED Grants Round 5

Round 5: Opened 22 June 2022  and closed 24 August 2022

Congratulations to the successful recipients who shared $609,014 in Round 5.





Shire of Carnarvon

Carnarvon Essential Worker Accommodation

The project will build essential workforce accommodation in Carnarvon. 


In progress

Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation

Jamba Nyinayi Festival Cardabia Station project

The project will construct new tourism infrastructure at Cardabia Station in Coral Bay to support their cultural arts, dance and a music festival coinciding with the 2023 Ningaloo Eclipse.


In progress

The Trustee for Ningaloo Holding Trust

Luxury sailing catamaran refit to facilitate new marine eco tour offering in Exmouth

The grant will refit Ningaloo Discovery’s sailing catamaran ‘Windcheetah’ to facilitate new marine eco tour offerings in Exmouth


In progress

A.Aiach & B.G Shepherd

Mutts Café expansion

Expansion of the Mutts Café to increase capacity and create a new burger restaurant.


In progress

Mallard Contracting Pty Ltd

Regional Office facility in Carnarvon

Construction of an office and storage facility to allow Mallard Contracting to expand Its operations in Carnarvon.


In progress

MT Boston Pty Ltd

Ozparagus: White asparagus production in the Gascoyne

The grant will support the production and harvest of white asparagus grown in Carnarvon.


In progress 

Carnarvon Windfest Incorporated

Gascoyne Wind and Wave Series

The grant will support three wind and wave events in the Gascoyne region.


In progress

ABC Foundation Ltd

Containers for Change Infrastructure Upgrade: Can counting machine

The grant will allow for the purchase of a can counting machine to increase the efficiency of the Containers for Change Scheme in Carnarvon 


In progress 

RED Grants Round 4

Round 4: Opened 27 August 2021 and closed 21 October 2021

Congratulations to the successful recipients who shared $550,000 in Round 4.

Recipient Project Funding Status
The Trustee for Jamie Morgan Family Trust

Expansion of Shark Bay Marine Repairs and Services

The grant will allow for the expansion of Shark Bay Marine Repairs and Services to include indoor workspaces and worker accommodation.

$200,000 In progress

North West Short Stay Pty Ltd

Ningaloo Commercial Laundry

To develop and fit out a commercial laundry in Exmouth. Providing a high-quality commercial laundry service to the wider Gascoyne region including Coral Bay and Carnarvon.

$150,000 In progress
Shire Of Upper Gascoyne

Gascoyne Junction Residential Subdivision - Stage 1

Subdivision of 10 un-serviced lots within Gascoyne Junction enabling the construction of new dwellings.

$100,000 In progress
Valeria Lucchitto

Taste of Italy

To construct a purpose-built commercial kitchen in which to expand an existing catering business.

$100,000 In progress 

RED Grants Round 3

Round 3: Opened 12 May 2020 and closed 7 July 2020.

Congratulations to the successful recipients who shared $836,954 in Round 3.

Recipient Project Funding Status
Dive Ningaloo

Ningaloo Aggressor Refit

The project will refit a catamaran to provide for a new high-end tourism experience, where up to 18 people can live aboard for a week-long dive tour. 

$200,000 In progress
Abacus Fisheries Company Pty Ltd

Innovation in Grading and Processing Automation and Improved Cold Chain Capacity

The grant will be used for the procurement of specialised cold chain and processing equipment to develop a sustainable cut crab product and value add to other seafood.

$200,000 In progress
Coral Coast Helicopter Services Pty Ltd

Construction of Aircraft Hangar and Facilitation of Aircraft Maintenance Organisation

The project will facilitate the construction of an aircraft hangar and workshop to provide a maintenance and engineering service to the region's growing aviation sector.

$170,000 In progress
Miami Bay Holdings Pty Ltd

Accommodation Renovation/Modernisation

The project will refurbish rooms at the resort to meet the growing demand for high-end accommodation in the region.

$90,000 Project completed
Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Supporting a Diverse and Sustainable Business Region

The grant supported the fit-out of the Exmouth Business Centre, providing a physical space for local small business as well as visiting service providers to the area. The provision of shared services supports start-up businesses with a lower cost structure, and the presence of other businesses enhances collaboration and innovation.

$80,000 Project completed
ABC Foundation Ltd

Food for the Mob on Country Kitchen

The project involved the purchase of a custom-built food van to extend its mobile meal service and expand into event catering.

$39,204 Project completed
Shire of Exmouth

Booking Platform

The grant will assist with the installation of a new program at the Exmouth Visitor Centre to generate efficiencies and increase local content.

$29,250 Project completed
Carnarvon Windfest Association

Carnarvon Windfest 2021

The grant will provide support for the two-day windsurfing, kiteboarding and Windrush yacht festival, including marketing and equipment.

$25,000 Project completed
Gascoyne Growers Market

Online Gascoyne Growers Market

The project will establish a website to promote local growers and the diversity of products on offer.

$3,500 In progress

RED Grants Round 2

Round 2: Opened 11 July 2019 and closed 13 September 2019.

Congratulations to the successful recipients who shared $1,251,500 in Round 2.

Recipient Project Funding Status 
Tidal Moon Pty Ltd 

Tidal Moon – Sea Cucumbers

The Tidal Moon Sea Cucumbers project is a collaboration with three Aboriginal communities, Mulgana (Shark Bay), Bayungu (Coral Bay / Exmouth) and Thalanyji (Onslow), aiming to develop a viable commercial sea cucumber business while maintaining cultural heritage and environmental stewardship.


Project completed

Further information on the project

Bullara Estates Pty Ltd

Bullara Glamping and Camping Development

The project expanded the station’s capacity to accommodate guests, including high-end glamping tents and new affordable powered camping and caravan sites, along with new amenities including a Woolshed hub and café.  

$203,000 Project completed
Ngala Children’s Services

Shark Bay Early Years Multi-Age Complex

The project involved the construction of a new day care complex primarily to operate Education and Care and other community programs focusing on children up to five years. 

$150,000 Project completed
Creality (formerly Gascoyne in May Inc)

Gascoyne Travelling Arts

The project delivered 13 art events in the Gascoyne region, including one festival and a region wide conference, as well as several training programs in music, circus and sculpture making.


Project completed

Further information on the project

South West Resorts Pty Ltd 

Denham Seaside Caravan Park Enhancement and Expansion

The project increased capacity and quality of caravanning and camping experiences available in Denham and the greater Shark Bay area, with an additional 49 new powered caravan and camping sites, new bathroom facilities, games room and campers’ kitchen.

$125,000 Project completed
Harvest Road Oceans Pty Ltd

Massey Bay Oyster Farm

The project completed a successful trial on the commercial viability of producing juvenile Rock Oysters in Carnarvon.

Project completed 

Further information on the project

Mt Augustus Station (1980) Pty Ltd

Putting Mt Augustus on the Map

The project involved the construction of a tourist park hub, housing a tavern and restaurant, reception area and retail space, as well as a commercial kitchen and information display area. 

$100,000 Project completed 
Tasmanian Blue Water Oysters Pty Ltd 

Exmouth Oysters

The Exmouth Oysters project is a three-year oyster growing trial in the Bay of Rest near Learmonth, which aims to prove the viability of growing the naturally-occurring Saccostrea species of oysters in the Exmouth area.

$83,500 In progress
Danver Holdings Pty Ltd

Bumbak’s Preserves and Ice-creams

The project involved the fit out of a new processing plant and upgrades to the commercial kitchen. Their new premises on Bibbawarra Road is a highlight of Carnarvon’s ‘Fruit Loop’ Drive Trail.

$75,000 Project completed

RED Grants Round 1

Round 1: Opened 14 September 2018 and closed 2 November 2018.

Congratulations to successful recipients who shared $361,904 in Round 1.

Recipient Project Funding  Status
Whalebone Brewing Co Pty Ltd

Increased Production, Canning and Distribution

The purchase of a larger brewing system and labelling machine increased the brewing capacity to enable off-site distribution to local and statewide retailers. 

$216,470 Project completed
Dirk Hartog Island Distilleries Pty Ltd The Wirruwana Hub

The Wirruwana Hub is located on Dirk Hartog Island and has incorporated a visitor centre along with ‘The Inscription Bar & Café’. The Hub provides a gateway and meeting point for visitors and tour operators on their entry and exit to the National Park. It has enhanced the visitor experience and services on Dirk Hartog Island, providing the catalyst for significant tourism growth and further development.

$145,434 Project completed