Gascoyne Lifestyle

Centrally located on the coast of Western Australian, the Gascoyne region extends along 600 kilometres of the Indian Ocean coastline and about 500 kilometres inland. With an area of 135,277 square kilometres and a population of approximately 9,500, the Gascoyne is known to have the lowest population density of any region in Australia. Despite this, the region is a very important contributor to the Western Australian economy. It is an established region with an economy founded on quality horticulture, pastoral and fishery production, resources and tourism.

The five Aboriginal language groups of the Gascoyne, the Yinggarda, Baiyungu, Malgana, Thadgari and Thalanyji have occupied the region for thousands of years and are custodians of its rich heritage, as well as very significant contributors to its current economic and social environment.

The Gascoyne region includes Western Australia’s beautiful Coral Coast and boasts two World Heritage Areas: Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef; as well as spectacular natural inland highlights including the Kennedy Ranges and Mount Augustus.

Enjoying 320 days of sunshine each year, outstanding lifestyle amenities, substantial investment potential and a pristine environment, a growing number of people are calling the Gascoyne home.