Targeted Aboriginal Business Support

There is a rich diversity of Aboriginal people and culture in the Gascoyne, and yet, Aboriginal peoples’ economic outcomes remain lower than their non-Aboriginal counterparts. Aboriginal Economic development is a core strategic priority for the Commission, and we strive to deliver transformational projects with Aboriginal people in the region.

In November 2020 the Commission hosted the second Gascoyne Aboriginal Business Development Forum, 40 Aboriginal businesses participated, and many have been inspired to continue to develop their business capacity. To build on outcomes from the Forum, the Commission has partnered with the Local Content Advisor Network (LCAN) to run a 12-month pilot program, Targeted Aboriginal Business Support (TABS), which commenced in September 2021 with eight Aboriginal businesses participating.

Businesses within this program receive intensive support through the provision of a case manager from within the Commission and LCAN, who facilitates individualised practical support from suitable agencies and industry-specific mentors. The program is overseen by a project working group of agencies that also provide generalised business support to the participating businesses.

TABS aims to work closely with businesses to build their capacity in computer literacy, digital marketing, bookkeeping and other industry-specific skills. We are excited by the enthusiasm shown so far and look forward to seeing the participating businesses flourish.


TABS participant Carleen Ryder Saltwater Creations