One Mile Jetty Repair/Replacement

Project Overview

The One Mile Jetty Repair/Replacement project is a multi-stage project. Stage one included deconstruction of the jetty built over water and was completed by the Department of Transport (DOT) late 2021.


A joint delivery model with the Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC) and DOT will now refurbish a portion of the Carnarvon One Mile Jetty (Jetty) using $4.5 million of state funding (stage 2). 


The Carnarvon Heritage Group, a not-for-profit organisation, hold the Jetty Licence and manage the Carnarvon Heritage Precinct. The GDC will continue to work with the Carnarvon Heritage Group (CHG), to develop and fund other projects to further enhance the precinct, in preparation for the anticipated influx of visitors when the Jetty is re-opened. The further development and preservation of the Jetty and the Heritage Precinct will contribute to the resilience and diversity of WA’s tourism industry and actively contribute to a broader regional economic base for the Gascoyne.

One Mile Jetty, one week before Cyclone Seroja

Project background

The Jetty is located on the southern side of the entrance to the Gascoyne River in Carnarvon at the site of the 1890’s Port of Carnarvon.  Carnarvon was one of the first recorded ports in the world to load livestock on board ships for transport to markets. The Jetty was also the departure point for Aboriginal people proceeding to the Lock Hospitals of Dorre and Bernier Islands.

Visitors to Carnarvon can explore the fascinating history of the iconic Jetty at the Carnarvon Heritage Precinct’s One Mile Jetty Interpretive Centre which was officially opened by Minister for Regional Development, Alannah MacTiernan on 17 April, 2019.

Following several fires and adverse weather events, the Gascoyne Development Commission, on behalf of the CHG, commissioned a structural assessment report in 2017 which deemed the Jetty unsafe and it was consequently closed to the public. Since its closure, a broad community campaign has been led by the CHG to identify a solution to its usability and sustainability.

The Commission established a Community Reference Group with members from Carnarvon Heritage Group, the Shire of Carnarvon, Department of Transport, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and Traditional Owners to investigate options for the future of the Jetty and the surrounding Heritage Precinct.

In 2020, the Commission engaged consultants Acil Allen to develop options for repairs and/or replacement of various lengths of the Jetty. Twenty two high-level conceptual options were identified for the repair of the Jetty. The State Government subsequently committed $4.5 million to kick start the Jetty repairs.

On Sunday 11 April 2021, Tropical Cyclone Seroja severely damaged large parts of the Jetty and destroyed around 360m. It is estimated that 200-300 tonnes of timbers were carried south by prevailing currents causing a marine hazard.

The level of damage has necessitated the development of a staged approach to the preservation of the Jetty.

Stage One

DOT led the deconstruction and salvaging of timbers from the intertidal section onwards (Piers 117-245). These deconstruction works were completed late 2021.

Salvaged timbers from the Jetty were assessed for heritage value, quality, and structural integrity. Some of the timbers were sold and/or given to projects with community benefits. Some high-quality timbers have been kept for re-use on the refurbishment project.

One Mile Jetty

Department of Transport One Mile Jetty partial deconstruction map.

Stage Two

Stage two of the Project is underway with community consultation progressing.  Stage 2 will be delivered under a joint delivery model between DOT and the GDC for the refurbishment of the Jetty using the $4.5 million of state funding. A stakeholder workshop was held in February 2023, to discuss potential design options and project timeline including major milestones.

Planning work is well underway with a suitably qualified heritage consultant engaged by DOT to liaise with key stakeholders including the CHG in the coming months to complete detailed work plans. Project completion is anticipated by the end of 2024. 

The GDC continue working with the CHG and key stakeholders through a project steering group which includes DOT, Department for Planning Lands and Heritage, Shire of Carnarvon and Traditional Owners to revitalise the Heritage Precinct to prepare for the anticipated increase in visitor numbers once the jetty reopens. The revitalisation project will include a review of the Masterplan, and key infrastructure upgrades. 

With the support of the regional development minister, the GDC will also continue to work with the CHG, to develop and fund other projects to further enhance the precinct. Projects currently under investigation include refurbishment of the water tower additional car parking and a review of existing master plans to ensure integration with surrounding developments.

Future Stages

A business case for a total rebuild of the One Mile Jetty has not yet proven a positive case for investment. 

The Commission continues to work with stakeholders to investigate funding opportunities and to take steps to ensure an investment decision including activation of the Carnarvon Heritage Precinct.

One Mile Jetty Stage 3 Business Case

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Jetty be re-piled/built?

The Jetty will be partially rebuilt using modern piling techniques. With new technology and modern design techniques, the new Jetty will require fewer piles. The Commission currently have funding to repair and replace a limited portion of the original Jetty.

Q. Which company was contracted to deconstruct the Jetty?

The Department of Transport was the responsible agency for the deconstruction of the Jetty, seaward past the beach. TAMS Australia was the main contractor engaged to complete the works.

Q. Will local Gascoyne contractors be employed for Stage 2 of the project?

It is Commission’s preference to use local contractors where possible. The complex nature of the project and specialist skills required may make it difficult to engage local contractors directly. The Commission's Project Manager is working closely with the Gascoyne Local Content Advisor to ensure local contractors are engaged wherever possible.

Q. How long will Stage 2 of the project take to complete?

Planning and preparatory work has begun and is expected to be completed mid-2024. Construction for stage 2 works is expected to start shortly following this and will take about 12 months to complete. New geo tech information for the site and adverse weather may prolong these timeframes. 


One Mile Jetty Stage 3 Business Case

Stage one – Deconstruction and community consultation re salvaged timber reuse

Stage two – $4.5M state government commitment

Carnarvon One Mile Jetty – Deconstruction Methodology

Damage Assessment Report post Cyclone Seroja

Preliminary Benefit Cost Assessment of the One Mile Jetty Redevelopment

Carnarvon One Mile Jetty - Assessment Piers 1 to 114 (0801_2022 Rev0)