Richard Soppe

Principal Regional Development Officer 0497 125 240

Richard joined the GDC in 2024, with his main focus to support the Gascoyne region to develop a Regional Drought Resilience Plan. He worked previously in Victoria on the same program under the Commonwealth Future Drought Fund but realises that the Gascoyne has its own unique people, economy and environment, and is eager to learn more about the region.


With an educational background in agricultural engineering and hydrology, he gained experience with roles in research institutes, businesses, management and state government. In agriculture he worked his way up from plant-water-soil relationships to regional water management, and when water is scarce, he ventures into salinity and drought management.


Richard is motivated by making the world a better place to work and live in, and the Gascoyne got his attention with its coastal and rural inland beauty. He is a fervent SCUBA diver, but also enjoys being out in large pastoral areas. He prefers heat and flies more than the cold.


In his spare time, he plays with his dogs, digs into history, and collects stamps.

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