Sustainable Living Program – Benefits

Sustainable Living Program - Benefits

Benefits of installing a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

The Gascoyne region is ideally suited to the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources. Carnarvon is at a particular advantage in that it has the highest level of solar radiation in the world. A 1kW Solar PV System installed in Carnarvon will produce 6kW of power per day. This is six times the rated capacity of a system. The average household consumption per day is approximately 15kW.

If you can generate electricity for your own home from renewable energy sources you can sell the excess renewable energy back to Horizon Power. Most home renewable energy systems will produce more energy than is required at certain times during the day.

The installation of a grid-interactive renewable energy system will have a number of direct economic and environmental benefits, including the reduction of energy bills, the ability to sell excess electricity back to Horizon Power while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Every kW of solar energy produced saves 333ml of diesel fuel equivalent.

Horizon Power recognises the environmental benefits of renewable energy systems and will buy the excess energy generated from them through the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme. Customers on this scheme are billed for their net import and credited for their net export of electricity over a billing period.

Residential customers are offered renewable energy buyback rates equal to their electricity purchase rate, less the GST component. This means that Horizon Power will buy power from the customer at 10/11ths of the price Horizon Power sells to the customer.