Reports and studies

Reports and studies

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2020-21

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2021-22 Annual Estimates

Gascoyne Development Commission Annual Estimates for 2021

The Annual Estimate for 2021-22 for the Gascoyne Development Commission was approved by the Minister for Regional Development, Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC on 22 September 2021.

Regional Blueprint

Gascoyne Regional Investment Blueprint
An aspirational plan, developed through extensive consultation and strongly supported by evidence it is designed to map the way forward for the region, identifying opportunities, barriers and strategies to guide investment and development.

Strategic documents

Gascoyne Aboriginal Land and Sea Management Strategy
A collaborative regional approach to Aboriginal socio-economic development and environmental management.

Fishing and Aquaculture Strategies and Reports
The Gascoyne and Pilbara Development Commissions in conjunction with the WA Department of Fisheries released a series of reports focused on the technical and economic viability of aquaculture within the marine and terrestrial environments of the Pilbara and Gascoyne.

Gascoyne Regional Tourism Strategy 2014
The Gascoyne Tourism Strategy is designed to build capacity, increase regional collaboration and increase the value of tourism by focusing on laying solid foundations for the tourism industry at a local and regional scale.

Gascoyne Infrastructure Review 2013
This review documents the key infrastructure resources of the Gascoyne, including water, roads, energy, airports, harbours, industrial land etc.

Gascoyne Regional Development Plan: 2010 – 2020

The Gascoyne Regional Development Plan is designed to provide a strategic direction for the Gascoyne region over the next ten years to 2020.

National Landscapes
The National Landscapes Program identified and assisted the development of the best experiences that Australia has to offer to Australia’s visitor market. It included marketing and branding, development and specialised training.

Events Management Plan – Toolkit
This toolkit is designed for people who organise festivals and events. Included in this toolkit are practical guides and resources to help plan, promote, and stage a successful festival or event.

Information on the Gascoyne

Gascoyne Map
A Department of Land Information map of the Gascoyne showing the key features of the Region.

Living in Regional Western Australia
A report on why people choose to live in or move away from, Regional Western Australia.