One Mile Jetty and Heritage Precinct

About the Gascoyne Development Commission

Project name: One Mile Jetty and Heritage Precinct

Project description: The development and preservation of the One Mile Jetty and Heritage Precinct in Carnarvon

Project objectives:

  • Complete the Heritage Precinct Structural Plan, including finalisation of the Lock Hospital Tragedy Memorial Project
  • Ensure the viability of recently completed works on the State Government funded Jetty Interpretive Centre
  • Implement a maintenance plan to re-open the One Mile Jetty and keep visitors safe for at least four years
  • Complete an options analysis and cost benefit analysis of the preferred longer-term solution.

Current phase: Investigative

Completion: Target – 2020


The One Mile Jetty in Carnarvon is the longest remaining unrestored timber jetty in Western Australia.

Its presence is core to the social and economic history of the Carnarvon community.

The State Heritage Register’s listing of the One Mile Jetty recognises its significant historical value.

The Jetty has been listed on the Shire of Carnarvon’s municipal inventory of heritage buildings since 1996 as a category one asset (Exceptional significance: essential to the heritage of the locality).

The current challenge faced by the community of Carnarvon is to repair the One Mile Jetty and develop the Heritage Precinct to a standard that enables its use for local residents and visitors to the region.

Prior to its closure, the Jetty was synonymous to Carnarvon, attracting visitors with its panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and enabling them to participate in recreational activities including walking, train rides and fishing.

Situated in the heart of the Carnarvon historical precinct, the Jetty was a key attraction in Carnarvon’s tourist attraction portfolio.

The economic benefits of cultural heritage assets are strongly tied to tourism.

Heritage assets provide a richer experience for visitors and help protect and celebrate the things that are important to the community.

Preservation of Carnarvon’s historical assets, such as the One Mile Jetty and the Heritage Precinct, will contribute to the resilience and diversity of WA’s tourism industry and actively contribute to a broader regional economic base.


In 2017, the Gascoyne Development Commission on behalf of current custodians, the Carnarvon Heritage Group, engaged specialist coastal and port engineers, M P Rogers & Associates Pty Ltd, to carry out an assessment of the condition and structural integrity of the One Mile Jetty.

As a consequence of this report, the Jetty was deemed unsafe and was closed to the public.

Since its closure, a broad community campaign has been led by custodians of the Jetty, Carnarvon Heritage Group to identify a ‘solution’ to its usability and sustainability.

In support of the Carnarvon Heritage Group, a community reference group has been established with members from the Shire of Carnarvon, Department of Transport and the GDC to investigate options for the future of the One Mile Jetty and the surrounding Heritage Precinct.

Project status

  • Structural Assessment of the One Mile Jetty was funded by the GDC and completed by M P Rogers & Associates Pty Ltd in 2017.
  • The community reference group proposes further investigation into viability of the One Mile Jetty by means of an options analysis.
  • The community reference group has identified the options and in very broad terms can be summarised as follows:
    • Full or partial (for example, first 200m) restoration
    • Full or partial replacement
    • Full or partial duplicated walkway
    • Do nothing (slow degradation)
    • Demolition
  • The GDC is currently seeking funding via the Royalties for Regions Leverage Fund to complete the aforementioned analysis.