Gwoonwardu Mia 2018

About the Gascoyne Development Commission

Project Name:    Gwoonwardu Mia

Project Description:         Re-establishment of the Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre, Gwoonwardu Mia

Project Objectives:

  • Rebuilding the cultural presence of our first Australians in Carnarvon.

Current Phase:                 Business Case Development

Completion:                     2019

In March 2015, Gwoonwardu Mia was closed due to concerns over the management of the centre and financial issues, which resulted in insolvency.

Project Status

  • Future of Gwoonwardu Mia Aboriginal Heritage and Culture Centre Workshop – Friday 26 October 2018. This workshop was held for Gascoyne’s five language groups to come together and provide advice and ideas on the reopening of the Centre.