Gascoyne Food Council – Management of Production and Marketing of Produce

About the Gascoyne Development Commission

Bumbaks Banana Plantation Tour, Carnarvon

Bumbaks Banana Plantation Tour, Carnarvon


The Gascoyne Food Council has been formed by an innovative group of stakeholders involved in the production and marketing of horticultural, fishing and pastoral produce in the Gascoyne.

After the Carnarvon Grower’s Association conducted an analysis of the supply chain in 2009 and a series of workshops discussing its findings, many local stakeholders saw the need for and the potential benefits and savings in taking a broader cooperative approach to common issues and collaborating on market development and marketing.

In early 2010, work is being done on the governance structure, goals, vision, strategies and funding for the Gascoyne Food Council. It is envisaged the Council will have a full-time executive officer to carry out the work of the Council and to access further funding for identified specialist work.

An immediate benefit of the Gascoyne Food Council is expected to be the central management of promotional and marketing campaigns, activities and events.

The Gascoyne Development Commission has facilitated the formation of the Gascoyne Food Council through study and other early funding as well as project officer support and continues to be a key member of the Council.

The supply chain studies are available in three parts

  1. Analysis of supply chain issues
  2. Marketing Case Studies
  3. Marketing Interviews on Carnarvon Brand

The Gascoyne Food Plan is the central working document of the Gascoyne Food Council.

For further information on the Gascoyne Food Plan please call GDC on (08) 9941 7000 or email on