Dirk Hartog Celebrations 2016

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Dirk Hartog 400-year Commemorations

Dirk Hartog Plate21- 25 October 2016

The Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog made the first recorded landfall by a European on the Western Australian coastline, with his vessel the Eendracht landing at Dirk Hartog Island, off the coast of Shark Bay, on 25 October 1616. The landing at Cape Inscription in 1616 is significant as Hartog left behind a pewter plate.  The plate was nailed to a wooden post and inscribed with a record of his visit. This represents the oldest such evidence of European contact with Australia.

Tuesday 25 October 2016 will mark the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s landing at Cape Inscription.

A series of events are being planned to commemorate this important event.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet will be hosting a commemorative function at Cape Inscription on 25 October 2016.

Shire of Shark Bay will be hosting a 5 day Festival of Discovery. 21-25 October 2016.

The Netherlands government is also partnering with State Government of Western Australia and Shire of Shark Bay to commemorate this historic event.

Duyfken is the first know European ship to visit Australia – 164 years before the arrival of Captain James Cook.

History of Dirk Hartog –  2016 will mark 400 years since Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog made landfall on an Island off the coast of Western Australia, known now as Dirk Hartog Island.