Destination Shark Bay

About the Gascoyne Development Commission

Source: Tourism Western Australia

Destination Shark Bay: A collaborative-based approach to reimagining the World Heritage Shark Bay Region for new commercial and tourism experience ventures.

A working group consisting of the Gascoyne Development Commission, Tourism Western Australia, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, local businesses, and traditional owners of Malgana country, are moving forward in the reimagination of this World Heritage Listed region to offer new experiences, provide space for new commercial interests to emerge, and develop ways to showcase this naturally breathtaking region of Western Australia.

Destination Shark Bay is expected to reinvigorate visitor sites, realise transformational economic growth, promote Malgana aspirations for the World Heritage area, protect environmental and cultural values and bolster the regional economy. Destination Shark Bay forms part of the State Government’s Two Year Action Plan for Nature Based Tourism (2019-20) and it also meets the State’s Action Plan goal of attracting more people to regional areas by improving nature based experiences.

Recently, strategic priorities have been agreed upon which show the greatest ability to positively impact the regional economy and build social capital. Tourism Western Australia is currently working through an options analysis to determine the best way to move forward with the highest priority, being the Peron Homestead Precinct located between Denham and Monkey Mia. Following this options analysis, the Gascoyne Development Commission will lead the working group through the economic and business modelling of the proposal, leading to the leveraging of private investment.

The Gascoyne Development Commission is interested to talk to prospective investors about the Peron Homestead Precinct.


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