Kennedy Ranges

Kennedy Ranges

2The Kennedy Ranges is an elevated north-south oriented sandstone plateau approximately between 12 and 25 km wide and approximately 75 km long. The rocks were originally deposited below the sea. Over time, they were compressed to form into sandstone, then faulted, uplifted and leaned towards the west.

Kennedy Ranges National Park is approximately 830kms north of Perth and approximately 150kms east of Carnarvon.

The eastern side cliffs hold steep rubble slopes. From time to time, big blocks tumble partway down the slope or all the way down to the plain beneath. In a few areas, fossilised marine creatures are discovered, revealing the origins of the rocks.

On the western side, spring water trickles from the base of the range. The springs are for wildlife; these life-giving sites are good for when drought is present.

Temple Gorge Campground is a bush campsite. Camping fees apply. The campground has plumbing installed and working toilets are provided but there is no water available. For assistance, Parks and Wildlife Campground Hosts are usually based at the campground from May to September. Fuel supplies are at Gascoyne Junction and at the Mt Augustus Tourist Park.

Visitors to this remote part of the Gascoyne should take care and follow the below advice:

  • Make sure your vehicle is equipped for the conditions; at least one spare tyre, first aid supplies, a compressor, and carry adequate fuel, food and water.
  • Avoid travelling at dawn and dusk as wildlife and stock wander.
  • Obey road closure signs; it is an offence to ignore them.
  • Drive to road and weather conditions. Keep to, or below the speed limit and slow down on dirt and gravel roads when your vision is obscured by the sun or dusk.