Australian Defence Force presence within the Gascoyne region of WA.

  • Naval Communication Station Harold E Holt

Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt is located on the North West Cape of Western Australia, 6 kilometres north of the town of Exmouth. The station provides very low frequency (VLF) radio transmission to United States Navy and Royal Australian Navy ships and submarines in the western Pacific Ocean and eastern Indian Ocean. With a transmission power of 1 megawatt, it is the most powerful transmission station in the Southern Hemisphere.

RAAF Base Learmonth is located on the North West Cape of Western Australia, approximately 30 kilometres south of Exmouth. It is one of the Air Force’s three bare bases that can be used for exercises or operational requirements.

Learmonth Solar Observatory is jointly operated by Bureau of Meteorology – Space Weather Services and the US Air Force. The observatory is the site of one of six solar velocity imagers in the world-wide GONG (Global Oscillation Network Group) network operated by NSO (US National Solar Observatory).

  • Navy Pier

Strategic Importance of Northern Australia Defence

The Commonwealth has committed $28 billion of defence investment in northern Australia by strengthening defence capability. This investment will create jobs, expand the already skilled workforce and create a long-term pipeline of infrastructure projects for future planning and investment.

Air 6000 Phase 2A/B – New Air Combat Capability Facilities Project

This important national Defence project will see upgrades to RAAF base facilities in preparation for the Joint Strike Fighter’s introduction in 2019. The NACC Facilities scope at each site relates specifically to facilities and infrastructure works. Works will be undertaken at Forward Operating Base RAAF Learmonth.

PFAS Investigation & Management Program

The Department of Defence is undertaking a national program to review, investigate and implement a comprehensive approach to manage the impacts of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on, and in the vicinity of, some of its bases around Australia.

In September 2017, Defence commenced a detailed environmental investigation into the presence of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on and in the vicinity of Naval Communication Station Harold E Holt Areas A and B and RAAF Base Learmonth