Some of the waves in the Gascoyne have been called ‘world class’ and ‘classic’. The barrels and pipelines of Red Bluff and Gnaraloo attract surfers in the Australian winter of June and July when the sting has gone from the sun, the days are warm and the wind has dropped.

It is not only the long left hand that attracts surfers but the low key nature of the sites. The basic infrastructure, the desert environment and the remoteness make the experience a true surfing safari.

Gnaraloo and Red Bluff are the big name surfing spots but there are of course many other good breaks in the Gascoyne and other ways to enjoy the unique conditions for wind sport.

Extreme wind and kite surfers go wilderness camping on Gnaraloo Station from September to February when the reliable southwesterly wind ranges from 25-30 knots. The conditions on the water at Gnaraloo are not for the beginner and wave riding skills are a must. The waves can get big and break over coral. The location is isolated so riders need to be prepared.

Kitesurfers also take to the water and skies in the region. The expanse of water in down town Carnarvon is as perfect for beginner windsurfers and kitesurfers as are the isolated breaks in the region’s north for the well experienced.