Playing sport is an integral part of the Gascoyne community. The superb climate, hot summer and warm winter combined with the natural attractions of the region entice involvement in outdoor recreation in particular.

Whether you play a team sport like football or netball or prefer a solo sport like shooting, joining a club is a great way to make friends and to socialise.

There are currently well over 140 different sporting clubs and recreational facilities in the Gascoyne.

Some sporting clubs compete in the State and National arena while others compete within and between the towns of the region.

Many Gascoyne clubs are well established and often host North West and State Championships in an array of events from motorsport to sailing.

You can find a sporting club in the region to suit your needs through the online search of the Department of Sport and Recreation Gascoyne Office.

Other popular activities include: wind and kite surfing, kite boarding, fishing, camping, day outings and boating.