Motor Sports

Motor sport is very popular among the men and boys of the Gascoyne, with a growing number of women joining in as well.

Not only do people tinker and ride for their own pleasure but gather together in clubs to compete with each other and hold invitation events from the regional to the State and now expanding to the national stage.


EnduroThe highlight of the motor sports year is the Gascoyne Dash, a desert enduro race over two days. Run completely by local volunteers the success of this event is attracting more national competitors and spectators every year.

This CAMS and MAWA accredited event offers challenges available nowhere else not to mention a prize pool worthy of the effort.

The Gascoyne Dash (referring to the ride down the river bed) is held over four days in late October each year.


From the 6 February to the 3 July the Carnarvon Speedway Club will thrill members and visitors with their 2010 racing events. With divisions from super and modified sedans to street stocks, junior sedans and sprint cars this family friendly club puts on the best show in town. Shark Bay runs a very competitive club and supremacy of the region is hotly contested in the region.


With a red hot dirt track in Carnarvon and miles of surrounding salt flats there is plenty of opportunity for motocross enthusiasts in Carnarvon. For beginners and the experienced alike there is racing at club meets and regional challenges, enduro and freestyle.


Karting is a specialty motor sport available in Exmouth.