Fishing in the Gascoyne is legendary. Whether you like to deep sea fish, game fish, fish from the dinghy, the beach or the jetty, it is generally worth your while in the Gascoyne.

Sought after species such as Spangled and Sweetlip Emperor, Blue Bone, Rankin Cod, Blue Bone can be caught, as well as the delicious inshore fish, Whiting, Bream and Tailor.

The Gascoyne attracts about 11 per cent of the State’s recreational fishers, or about 42,000 anglers a year who fish for around 100 species. The majority of visiting anglers are from Perth (44 per cent) and rural WA (34 per cent).

The region is home to three renowned recreational fishing competitions, Gamex in Exmouth during March, the Shark Bay Fishing Fiesta held in Shark Bay during May and the Carnar-fin held in Carnarvon during May/June.

The Department of Fisheries manages the bioregion, conducts research and ensures bag limits are adhered to.