Regional Economic Development (RED) Grants

The Regional Economic Development Grants (RED Grants) program is a $28.8 million (over five years) State Government initiative that invests in community driven projects to stimulate economic growth and development in regional Western Australia.

It is part of the State Government’s $4 billion job-creating Royalties for Regions investment across regional WA.

Delivered locally by the State’s nine Regional Development Commissions, up to $250,000 is available for individual projects that promote sustainable jobs, partnerships, productivity, skills and capability, as well as stimulate new investment and industry diversification.

The grants will boost investment in local regional projects that contribute to population and economic growth initiatives, local marketing and innovation pilots, and importantly, are driven by the community.

Contact the Gascoyne Development Commission to determine if your business is eligible.

Applications for funding are currently closed. 

The following may assist with future applications.

Applications are assessed on a competitive basis within the region, alignment with the Gascoyne’s regional priorities and/or demonstration of an economic diversification and employment growth outcome:

  • Creation of jobs and transferable skills
  • Aboriginal economic development
  • Agriculture and aquaculture innovation and value adding
  • Tourism
  • Vibrant communities and supporting social services

To discuss your proposal or to be notified of future funding rounds for the RED Grants, contact Harriet Murphy on 9941  7018.

To discuss the Local Content outcomes to be achieved with your project, please contact Local Content Adviser Jill Dwyer on 9941 7010.

Ministerial announcements:

Information on previous funding rounds

Round 1: Opened 14 September 2018 and closed 2 November 2018.

Congratulations to successful recipients who shared $361,904 in Round 1.

Applicant Project Funding
Whalebone Brewing Co Pty Ltd Increased production, canning and distribution $216,470
Dirk Hartog Island Distilleries Pty Ltd The Wirruwana Hub $145,434

Trending now…

Acting Chief Executive Tym Duncanson has identified some themes which might attract support from decision makers.

“Like any Grant round there seems to be some themes that attract more attention than others,” he said.

“Last round, there was certainly a trend across WA for activating towns and tourists precincts with hospitality offerings such as breweries and distilleries.

“I think we can assume this sector had a good run and it won’t necessarily be a theme this time, although strong examples are always an exception.

“One similar theme is the demand for quality accommodation, if the project can demonstrate increased economic activity, such as longer stays and greater integration with locally produced food and beverage offerings.

“For example, there is a lot of interest in the impact renovating a hotel and mill has had on the local Katanning community.

“Our grants can make a big impact in small communities so I think projects in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne could be of interest.

“Aquaculture is very much on everyone’s radar at the moment and my ‘roughy’ is the tourism industry’s interest in the proposed Tawarri Hot Springs in Dalkeith.

“With our wealth of sub-artesian bores along the main transport corridors I’m sure the Gascoyne region could give Perth a run for its money in this space.

“As always the most important thing is to clearly show how the project meets the criteria and delivers public benefits such as transferrable job creation.

“Picking a trend is in no means a substitute for a good quality projects and application, but it can help with an ‘edge’ as it passes through the decision making process.”