Fairer pest rate targets Carnarvon fruit fly

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The Western Australian Government has introduced a revised declared pest rate for Carnarvon growers to help rid the region of the destructive horticultural pest, the Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly).

The revised rate follows extensive consultation to deliver a fairer system for Carnarvon growers, and will fund continued area-wide baiting as part of a broader pilot program to eradicate Medfly from the region.

A rate will now apply to all properties engaged in commercial horticultural activities based on the size of each property rather than the value of the property.

It will apply to some commercial horticultural properties that were not previously rated. This will broaden the base and see rates reduced for most growers.

The State Government will co-fund the eradication effort and, through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, will produce and release sterile Medflies at no charge this financial year.

The Western Australian Government is investing more than $4 million into four Medfly projects, including $3.6 million into Carnarvon medfly eradication. The project has been successful in reducing fly numbers from more than seven flies per trap, per day at the start of the project to 0.5 flies per trap, per day in January 2019.

More information about this program is available from the department’s website.

DPC media statement: Fairer pest rate targets Carnarvon fruit fly (original)