Wildflowers of the Coral Coast

Wildflowers of the Coral Coast

Date: Sunday, 29 July 2018 - Wednesday, 31 October 2018
Time: All Day

The 2018 wildflower season is predicted to be the best and biggest blooming display the Coral Coast region has seen in over a decade.

Western Australia Wildflowers bloom on Australia’s Coral Coast all year round, but between July and October, you’ll see some of the most stunning displays in the State, when blankets of brilliant wildflowers colour the outback landscape.

No matter where you go along Western Australia’s Coral Coast, the diverse range of wildflowers will dazzle you – and you don’t even need to go off the beaten track. Many species delight simply by growing along the roadside.

See the website for more details: https://www.australiascoralcoast.com/wildflowers

What’s in bloom and where?

See which wildflowers are in bloom now and where you can find them. The flowers start just two hours north of Perth.

Plan your own wildflower adventure

To help you plan your very own wildflower road trip, we’ve got two, four, six and ten-day self-guided wildflower drive trail itineraries to fit your schedule.

Learn about the Hotspot

Coral Coast wildflowers are everywhere but we also have a few key locations that consistently bloom.

Where should we stay?

Book your accommodation in/around Geraldton or Dongara-Port Denison for the Everlasting Carpets or Kalbarri, Cervantes and Eneabba for Orchids and Wattles.

How to identify that flower!?

Enjoy your wildflower road trip with help from WildflowersWA.net website who can help you determine what the flower is using leaf or flower shape, colour, locations!

Want to camp amongst the flowers like the video banner?

Camping for both caravans and tents is permitted at Coalseam’s Miners site with overflow camping at Breakaway for tents only. Be prepared for crowds during weekends in the wildflower season. Three-night stay limit applies between late July and October – fees apply and camp rangers on hand.