Regional Development Council

The Gascoyne Development Commission is connected to central government processes through a number of forums. The GDC Board chairperson sits on the State Regional Development Council (RDCo) which is the peak advisory body to State Government on regional development issues. This council meets quarterly and the Minister for Regional Development or her advisors attend these meetings.

The function of the Council is to;

  • Promote development in the regions
  • Develop policy proposals on regional issues
  • Assist commissions and relevant government agencies to work closely on regional issues; and
  • Report back to government on matters referred to it.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development provides executive support to the Regional Development Council and works in partnership with the nine Development Commissions to develop policy advice in response to Cabinet and other government department requests.

GDC staff work directly with the Minister for Regional Development and her staff on matters of regional importance. The GDC Chief Executive Officer briefs the Minister for Regional Development and the State Cabinet upon request on major issues at play in the Gascoyne.