Welcome to Carnarvon 2016

About the Gascoyne Development Commission


Over 60 teachers, government employees, and new community members attended the Welcome to Carnarvon 2016 sundowner at the Carnarvon Yacht Club on Thursday 18 February.

Hosted by the Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC) the event was a great opportunity for new public sector employees and teaching staff to become acquainted with each other and to learn more about the services offered in town. It is important to maintain the general standard of Government services in the Gascoyne Region, and the Welcome to Carnarvon Sundowner networking event plays a role in supporting this objective.

Mr Turk Shales, Deputy Chair of the Gascoyne Development Commission Board, officially welcomed all newcomers to Carnarvon.
“The Gascoyne is a region of beauty from dolphins in Shark Bay, inland to the Mt Augustus monocline, the OTC satellite dish with space museum in Carnarvon to picturesque Coral Bay and the whale sharks of Exmouth, all within driving distance”, Mr Shales said, “you will find it is a friendly region as well as being a fantastic place to live and work.”
This event has been well supported over the past few years and has proved a successful way to integrate new people into the community.

For further comment please contact Linda Gray, A/CEO, Gascoyne Development Commission on 9941 7000.