Reports including Annual Reports

Information on the Gascoyne

Gascoyne Map.pdf
A Department of Land Information map of the Gascoyne showing the key features of the Region.

Living in Regional Western Australia.pdf
A report on why people choose to live in, or move away from, Regional Western Australia.

Gascoyne Geographic Perspective.doc
Discussion of the climate, soils, vegetation and geology of the Gascoyne Region.

Strategic Documents

Gascoyne Regional Development Plan 2010-2020
This document outlines the regional infrastructure priorities identified jointly by the shires of Exmouth, Carnarvon,Shark Bay, Upper Gascoyne and the GDC Board

Gascoyne Development Commission Strategic Plan 2015-2020
This document outlines strategic directions for the work of the GDC.

Gascoyne Infrastructure Review 2013
This review documents the key infrastructure resources of the Gascoyne, including water, roads, energy, airports, harbours, industrial land etc.

Discussion Papers


Gascoyne Tourism Strategy Final Report 2014
The Gascoyne Tourism Strategy is designed to build capacity, increase regional collaboration and increase the value of tourism by focusing on laying solid foundations for the tourism industry at a local and regional scale.

Annual Reports

GDC Annual Report 2016/2017

GDC Annual Report 2015/2016

GDC Annual Report 2014/2015