Ningaloo – Shark Bay National Landscapes

What are National Landscapes?

National Landscapes are the best of Australia’s nature and culture – inspirational places like Australia’s Red Centre, the Great Ocean Road, Australia’s Coastal Wilderness, Kakadu, the Kimberley, the Flinders Ranges and Ningaloo-Shark Bay.

The National Landscapes Program will identify and assist the development of the best experiences that the region has to offer to Australia’s target market – the international Experience Seeker. That could include marketing and branding, making improvements to existing attractions, tours and infrastructure, specialised training and business development.

How can you get involved?

An Experience Development Strategy now needs to be prepared for Ningaloo – Shark Bay. This will form the basis for developing and improving experiences that meet the needs of Experience Seekers.

Your Opportunity to Participate

Have your say on the Experience Development Strategy for Ningaloo-Shark Bay

  • Get an update on Australia’s National Landscapes
  • Hear about progress to date on Ningaloo – Shark Bay
  • Discuss how to strengthen the position of Ningaloo – Shark Bay in the international market place

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