Gascoyne Pilbara Report

Gascoyne-Pilbara-ReportEconomic Development Opportunities for the Gascoyne Region Associated with Resource Sector Investment and Expansion

The Gascoyne Pilbara Report has now been released for public information.
(Please note due to the size of the Report it may take awhile to download)

This report was commissioned by the Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC) to identify opportunities for the Gascoyne region to capitalise on and benefit from current and future developments in the resources sector, both within and external to the region. It was funded through Royalties for Regions.

The Gascoyne region sits between the thriving resources regions of the Pilbara and the Mid West. To the north west of the Gascoyne, significant oil and gas exploration and extraction activities are ongoing in the Carnarvon and Browse Basins.

Due to the scale of off-shore oil and gas activity north of the Gascoyne, and mining activity in the Pilbara and Mid West regions, opportunities exist for the Gascoyne region to tap into wider regional resource sector supply chains, to better capture a portion of economic throughput from the mining and resource sectors.

Recognising the potential economic and social benefits to be realised, the GDC engaged SGS Economics and Planning (SGS) to examine opportunities for the Gascoyne region to benefit from current and prospective developments in the resources sector, in the Gascoyne itself and in the surrounding regions.

The recommendations put forward in this report acknowledge and respond to: a comprehensive list of resource projects (committed and under consideration); examination of the Gascoyne region’s current offering to the resources sector; an evaluation of infrastructure improvements or developments to increase the region’s ability to service resource projects; and the identification of the full range of opportunities within each local government area.