Bejaling Deepwater Port

Bejaling-Report-Cover-PageIn March 2010, AECOM was appointed by the Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC) to perform a study assessing the viability of developing a deep water port North of Carnarvon. The Gascoyne Development Commission (GDC) is investigating options to develop a deep water port to take advantage of export and import markets that may include, but not be limited to:

  • Resource industries;
  • Expansion of Dampier Salt Lake MacLeod;
  • Livestock exports; and
  • Horticultural exports.

As identified in GDC request for quotation document number GDC056909, AECOM proposal document WA-B10-240 and as confirmed in the Project Kick-Off meeting on 3-5-10, the scope of work for this study includes:

  • Identify two potential port sites between Carnarvon and Point Quobba;
  • Identify current and future import and export opportunities from the port;
  • Provide comment on the environmental impact of the potential sites;
  • Provide comment on land access issues;
  • Identify shore based requirements, including land availability, access routes and infrastructure requirements;
  • The capital cost estimate for the proposed Ports;
  • Comparison of the relative cost, benefits and overall feasibility of expanding the existing Dampier Salt Cape

Cuvier facility in order to allow for increased salt production and other export commodities, compared to use of new proposed deep water port. There has been a staged delivery of findings during the course of the project. The Preliminary Report was the first deliverable for the project and described the findings to date in regards to:

  • Identification of potential port sites;
  • Future import/export opportunities from the port;
  • Possible environmental constraints;
  • Land access issues;
  • Port concept design at the 2 proposed port sites and expansion of Cape Cuvier

This Report is the final deliverable for the project and describes all study findings. It can be downloaded here.