CampingWilderness camping is a major form of recreation for young families, youths and retired folk alike in the Gascoyne.

The beautiful but fragile Gascoyne coast is managed with great regard for the wilderness experience that all visitors come to enjoy. To balance the requirements of demand and custodianship of the land, there are designated camping spots the length of the coast and visitors are asked to confine their footprint to these sites.

Camping inland is to enjoy the stars, the feeling of being the only ones on the planet, or to experience the land from the point of view of the early settlers to the area. The Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways, a series of maps, are a self drive experience designed to guide, entertain and inform visitors of the history and experience of making a living on the land in this part of the world.

Camping is allowed in designated campsites in Kennedy Range National Park and the Mt Augustus Tourist Park at Mt Augustus Station adjacent to Mt Augustus National Park. Visitors to the area can fossick for semi-precious stones and fossils, enjoy the many designated walk trails, immerse themselves in Indigenous culture or soak up the history of the pioneer gold mining days.

If you are planning to visit remote locations in the region, both along the coast and inland, you need to be thoroughly prepared.

The Gascoyne is well serviced for campers with many caravan parks in each town. The visitor centres in Carnarvon, Exmouth and Shark Bay can assist with further information.  The Shire of Upper Gascoyne and Gascoyne Junction Resource Centre can also assist with further information for inland areas.